Company History

THE N-SCALE DIVISION was founded in 1992.  We were a small group of hobbyists who were frustrated with the poor service and lack of knowledge offered by most of the N-Scale dealers we encountered so we set out to do better.  We started out quite small selling products at local train shows on the weekends.  After years of extremely hard work in combination with innovative marketing techniques the business grew to the point where it is now.  These days the internet has become the primary way we do business.

While many folks have come to associate model trains only with holiday time we operate year round.  Through the years we have built our reputation by offering high quality products at discount prices and by conducting business in an extremely professional manner.  As you will see from our online catalogs we don't just offer North American models we also handle trains from Europe and Japan.

As you will notice during your visit to our site we like to provide our customers with plenty of information rather than just simply "push boxes out the door" like many of our competitors.  We have always believed that sharing knowledge with our customers allows them to have a better understanding of their hobby which inevitably means they have more fun and that's what the hobby is really about!

As our name implies we are highly focused on N-Scale although we do offer a selection of Z-Scale as well.  We do not handle HO or larger scales.  For more information about N-Scale please click on the "N-FORMATION" tab.  You will find a brief history of N-Scale as well as information about how to select the best starter package for your needs.  We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.  We update it whenever there are new product announcements and/or arrivals so please be sure to bookmark our site and come back often.