MICRO-TRAINS Rolling Stock - 2018 New Releases


We have made the decision to opt out of the MICRO-TRAINS Monthly Release Auto-Ship Program.  The N-Scale Division still remains a FULLY AUTHORIZED MICRO-TRAINS dealer with the exact same privileges as any other authorized MICRO-TRAINS dealer.  We are simply opting out of their Monthly Release Auto-Ship Program.  Most MICRO-TRAINS dealers are not in the Monthly Release Auto-Ship Program so this decision is not unusual.

So instead of having all new monthly releases automatically shipped to us we will pick and choose any new releases we wish to stock.  We will focus on new body styles and exceptionally decorated items.  We will continue to list all of new MICRO-TRAINS upcoming products on our MICRO-TRAINS New Announcements page as we have been doing for many years but we will no longer list the monthly releases.  We remind our customers that we are very happy to accept special orders for all MICRO-TRAINS products.  During the last few days of each month MICRO-TRAINS announces their new releases for the upcoming month.  We encourage customers to visit the MICRO-TRAINS website and download their monthly newsletter called the MICRO-NEWS.  You can download it FOR FREE - no subscription required!

MICRO-TRAINS offerings have and continue to be among the highest quality rolling stock models available in N-Scale.  Our customers also appreciate the fact they continue to be Made in the USA.  That being said, the way consumers purchase N-Scale rolling stock has changed.  Compared to a decade ago, prices are significantly higher and the collector's market has softened.  Additionally, there are now more smaller cottage industry manufacturer/importers in the marketplace.  This has naturally caused consumers to become more discriminating about the type and quantity of rolling stock they purchase.

So at this point in time we are going to concentrate on reducing our current MICRO-TRAINS inventory and to help facilitate this we have lowered prices significantly on much of our existing stock.  Have a look at our MICRO-TRAINS Older Releases page plus our MICRO-TRAINS Z-Scale page where you find dozens of rolling stock models on sale for more than 30% off MSRP!  The N-Scale Division is very proud to continue to offer high quality American Made MICRO-TRAINS products to our customers.


2018 New Releases

Note:  This is not a complete listing of MICRO-TRAINS releases for this year as we have done previously when we were on the Auto-Ship Program (read the paragraph in the table above).  These are 2018 releases that we have selectively chosen to stock.


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02000447 40' Boxcar
US Air Force
$20.90 $16.75

02000457 40' Boxcar
US Army
$20.90 $16.75

02000467 40' Boxcar
US Navy
$20.90 $16.75 Sold Out
02000477 40' Boxcar
US Marines
$20.90 $16.75

02600070 50' Boxcar
$27.90 $22.25 Sold Out
13500081 70' Husky Stack
$29.90 $23.75

13500082 70' Husky Stack
$29.90 $23.75

46900091 53' Corrugated Container
$16.95 $13.50

46900092 53' Corrugated Container
$16.95 $13.50


You are only looking at a small part of our MICRO-TRAINS selection
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