MINITRIX 2018 Pre-Order Program - Deadline: TBA

Welcome to our 21st annual MINITRIX Pre-Order Program.  The program has one goal which is to save you money on top quality MINITRIX and stretch your hobby budget to the maximum.  Virtually every customer who has participated in the program previously has returned to participate once again.  Each year we have run the program it has expanded greatly and why not?  Who doesn’t enjoy paying less for quality European MINITRIX N-Scale?

Here’s how it works.  We offer customers additional discounts on their MINITRIX New Items Pre-Order if they can meet a very modest minimum and submit their New Items Order by a pre-determined date.  This allows us to determine the exact quantities of each item needed which permits us to operate more efficiently.  This is why we can offer the additional discounts.  By participating in the 2018 Pre-Order Program, you get our best possible prices on high quality MINITRIX.  There are a few "catches" as you will see below but nothing too unreasonable.  The two most important things to remember are for you to get your pre-order into us by the deadline and that once the deadline has been reached your pre-order cannot be changed or cancelled for any reason.

Please read and understand the following points very carefully.  If you do not agree to any of them then please do not participate in the program as we cannot make an exception to any of them.  Please remember, once you place your pre-order with us and the deadline has passed it cannot be changed or cancelled for any reason no matter what the circumstances, even if something goes "upside down" in your life so please make sure are fully committed to the items you will be reserving before you sign up.

What is Included?  The program applies only to the initially announced MINITRIX 2018 New Items.  It does not include MINITRIX regular catalog items, MHI/Exclusive items, Museum Cars, Club Cars, Fall New Items, Summer New Items or items from other European manufacturers. 

What is the Minimum Pre-Order?  The program works because of the volume of product we sell.  In order to make the program work for both you and us, we require that you pre-order at least $200.00 NET of MINITRIX 2018 New Items.  There is no maximum order limit.  The more you pre-order, the more you save!

How Much Will I Save?  By participating in the 2018 MINITRIX Pre-Order Program you will receive and additional discount off our already discounted prices!  There's also an optional bonus feature.  If you participate in the Program you can also make a one-time order for any MINITRIX in stock items and save an additional 5%.  Your in stock order must also be a least $200.00 of MINITRIX and must be placed by August 31, 2018.  Again this is an optional bonus feature for those who want to get some extra savings on MINITRIX items from our inventory.  It is not required.

Can I Pre-Order Less than $200.00?  Yes you can.  In fact we encourage it! Many of the 2018 new items will be produced as one-time limited editions and the only way to ensure delivery is to pre-order them.  You are more than welcome to pre-order less than $200.00 at our regular discount prices however the additional discount cannot be applied.

How Do I Place My Pre-Order?  We highly encourage you to place your MINITRIX 2018 Pre-Order online.  This is the preferred method.  If you are more comfortable mailing in your pre-order you may still do so as long as all the information is there.  Whichever way works better for you, works better for us.

What are the Payment Terms?  Credit card is by the far the preferred method of payment but we can also accept Postal Money Orders as well.  We cannot accept checks of any kind - sorry.  We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS with no additional fees.  Your credit card will not be charged until the merchandise ships to you.  First time customers will be required to submit a deposit.  Please see below for more information about this.

Is there a deposit required?  Due to issues we have experienced in recent years we must now ask all first time customers to submit a 50% deposit with your pre-order.  Unfortunately, this deposit cannot be charged to your credit card because we are not permitted to accept a deposit by credit card unless the item is going to be delivered within 30 days.  That is not going to be the case with any of the MINITRIX 2018 New Items and therefore we must ask for the deposit in the form of a Postal Money Order.  When your model(s) arrive the balance due will be charged to your credit card.  The deposit requirement is something that we had hoped to avoid but unfortunately we can no longer afford to absorb items that were pre-ordered by customers who choose not to follow through on their commitment.  Please understand your deposit is non-refundable unless the item is officially cancelled by MINITRIX.  Deposits for items cancelled by the factory will be 100% refunded upon the official cancellation announcement.

Can I Change or Cancel My Pre-Order?  You may change or cancel your order only up until the deadline.  Once the deadline has been reached no changes or cancellations can be made.  Occasionally, MINITRIX decides to cancel an item or two they didn't receive enough interest in.  If this should happen you will not be obligated to order a substitute however you may do so if you want to.  Please understand that if the cancelled item or items brings your pre-order down below $200.00 NET the additional discount can no longer be applied.

What is the Last Day to Place a Pre-Order?  The last day you can place a pre-order and participate in this program is (Deadline TBA) at Noon EST.  We must have your order on or before that date without exception if you want to qualify for the program.


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