Standard Practice

The N-Scale Division collects a minimum amount of personal data from customers for the purpose of processing orders.  Personal data collected is not sold, rented, given or transferred in any way shape or form to any other organization.

Customer Information

Customers who browse this website do so anonymously and are not required to give any personal information.  Customers who wish to place an order with us must voluntarily submit the following information: name, address, phone number, e-mail address and credit card details.

Use of Cookies

This website uses cookies for our online shopping system.  Cookies are small harmless files that are downloaded to your computer automatically.  The cookies keep track of the items you put in your shopping cart.  They allow multiple items to be ordered at once.  This technology allows our customers to have a more enjoyable online shopping experience.


The transfer of personal data takes place ONLY through 128-bit encryption secure socket layer (SSL) connections.  This is done through our secure online order system.  All orders must be received this way to comply with the policies set forth by VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  If an order needs to be appended (added to) it must be done by placing an additional order through our secure online order system.  We cannot accept any orders or add-ons to existing orders through e-mail.

Hard Copies

Most transactions take place electronically.  Occasionally a hard copy (a printout) of a transaction is required for security and/or verification purposes.  In such cases these hard copies are disposed of using a cross cut shredder.


The N-Scale Division keeps personal data in local storage a minimum of 30 days after the transaction has been completed.  This is done so for the purpose of customer service (ie package tracking, damage claims, etc.)  After 30 days personal data may be moved off site to a data storage facility and is retained for a period of three years as required by most major credit card companies.  At this time the data is considered to be archived, not "on file".  The N-Scale Division does not keep customers credit card numbers "on file" except when necessary to place reservations for newly announced products or special orders.